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Master's Degree In Forensic Psychology And Counselling -- Specializing In The Victim Experience, Is A Mental Health Consultant, Offers Career Counselling & Clinical Assessment Services



MYTH:  The Mental Health Consultant (MHC) tells you what to do.

FACT:  The Mental Health Consultant (MHC) listens to your particular challenges and works in collaboration with you.  One size does not fit all.  The MHC may have some ideas for you, but ultimately, it is your life and the choices are yours.  Feedback is very welcomed because ultimately, the goal is for you to feel better.


MYTH:  Sessions are venting about feelings, with no real focus.

FACT:  These workshops are Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)  inspired.  CBT has been demonstrated to be very effective treatment that enhances good mood.  CBT is very specific with its ideas on how you and the counsellor can work out your obstacles.  Collaboration and dedication are key to success!


MYTH:  All will be complete in the number of sessions given.

FACT:  A number of sessions is estimated for a given emotional situation and you are paying for that amount in your initial purchase.  However, in collaboration with the Mental Health Consultant (MHC), your particular needs may be worked out in more or less sessions.   Good communication with the MHC is essential to establish whether there is a need for more sessions.