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master's degree in Forensic Psychology and Counselling -- specializing in the victim experience, is a Mental Health Consultant, offers Career Counselling & Clinical Assessment Services

Meet Renee

  • Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology and Counselling from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology
  • Experience as a community worker, college professor, teacher, homeless shelter worker and residential counsellor
  • Registered Social Worker in private practice with the Ontario College of Social Workers
  • Offer services through the NIHB, the IRS and the MMIWG for Indigenous people in Ontario
Renee Bechard-Jette, MA


  • Career counselling
  • Trauma counselling for victims of crime, accidents, abuse, domestic violence and disaster
  • victim advocate : accompaniment to court and to lawyer appointments available
  • Assessing stress
  • Investigative assistance
  • Record review
  • Mental Health assessment
  • Anxiety management
  • Depression management
  • One-time assessments for questions or advice

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