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master's degree in Forensic Psychology and Counselling -- specializing in the victim experience, Is A Mental Health Consultant, Offers Career Counselling & Clinical Assessment Services


For anyone looking to change careers, “find themselves” and choose the right career, improve work performance or reintegrate into the workforce.  This service is also available for survivors of trauma such as childhood sexual abuse.

For survivors of crime who wish to reintegrate into the workforce or for anyone looking to change careers or improve performance – especially when a person has survived sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse.

A court liaison; someone to walk through the court system with you, offering emotional support.

Effects on victim, post-traumatic stress disorder, addictive disorders, violence risk, stress related to legal issues such as divorce, family business issues, bankruptcy, lawsuits etc.  Assessment of malingering also available.

Offering insight on the thoughts, feelings, and behaviour of an offender, police interviews, different types and styles of crime, witness testimony and memory, false confessions and suggestibility.

Suicide notes, pertinence of criminal history, likelihood of threats being carried out, psychological history.

This is not a diagnostic evaluation, but a diagnostic impression that can be communicated to your doctor, general practitioner, psychologist or psychiatrist to help them make a diagnosis for you.  Having a diagnosis helps to access certain services.

One-on-one learning sessions. Think you suffer from anxiety? Consistently worried about the future or about social or work situations?  Suffer from panic attacks?  Experiencing melt-downs or stagnation when faced with your to-do list?  Come learn techniques that help manage this type of stress.

One-on-one learning sessions.  For mild to moderate depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, nagging sadness and a lack of joy in one’s life.  Learn techniques to work towards happiness again.  Note: This service is not for people who are suicidal.  If you are considering ending your life, please go to the nearest emergency clinic or call a suicide hotline.  Do not remain alone with those feelings, you are worth the trip or telephone call.

Ideal for questions or advice.